Springtime in the Rockies

Bless your little Irish heart and every other Irish part.

We all recognize the earliest signs of spring, even here in the high country where spring occurs from May 19 to Memorial Day — with the possibility of at least one fat wet snow in there.  We have years of experience with enticing, warmer-than-usual March days between reruns of winter.  Our snowiest month is usually April.

Our signs of spring, whatever the weather, are college basketball playoffs and St. Patrick’s Day and then the anticipation of Easter and Passover. 

Reminded that college basketball and the snake-banishing St. Patrick are forever entwined in our 21st Century culture, I was steered to a savory hard-Irish-cider dip (along with soda-bread croutons and shamrock-bacon confetti) at 1finecookie.com .  Now that is March Madness.

Almost any raw crunchy vegetable will go down better dipped in aioli. And then Food Republic comes along with a recipe for Redeye Mayonnaise courtesy of the chefs from  momofuku. (It actually calls for coffee and Thai hot sauce – but I tried it and it is wonderful.)  If the hectic basketball schedule begins to wear you down snack-wise, fall back on the very best basics: salsa and chips of some variety.  The Pioneer Woman cookbook has the perfect restaurant-style salsa for your munching pleasure.

Lafujimama has this incredible looking shamrock smoothie for a dose of liquid Irish luck.  And I found a guinness chocolate pudding on closetcooking.com.  That just has to be worth a try…


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