In the Dark (part 2)

A couple of years ago, in a smaller town, we celebrated Earth Hour*  by turning off all the lights, the TV, the electronics — and putting candles in the windows.  I got to know a bunch of neighbors I’d not yet met as we stood around, wine glasses in hand, on a coolish spring evening.  We ended up having several more gatherings as that spring and summer played out.

It’s that time of year again. Our weather is a warm reminder of the season to come, and a reminder that we have to care about the planet we inhabit.  The best celebration I’ve heard of for Earth Hour 2012 is Dinner in the Dark at Le Grand Bistro.  (These people just keep coming up with the best ideas.)

So Saturday evening try switching off all the lights, gather with some friends and neighbors on the porch or patio for an hour and have a nice glass of wine.  By the way, Denver is 39° 45′ N 104° 52′ W — in case you’re looking up.

*or go to the international Earth Hour site


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