Colorado Farms

My blog sabbatical is over…

I’m not sure when everything came full circle – I know that, on the way home from our grandparents’ place in southern Colorado, my mother always insisted we stop at roadside farm stands – because “everything“ from those tasted better.  She cracked us up with claims like that.  Now that our taste buds are more fine-tuned, we know that she was right.

We work with Colorado growers – like Full Circle Farms up in Longmont for lots of organic stuff, and with Galicea and with David and Kate Petrocco. 

The Petroccos originally came to a farm near Hanna, Wyoming from Abruzzo, Italy around the turn of the century.  The next generation farmed for the family and then established a new farm north of Denver.  The next generation took over in 1985 and now their children are raising their families and producing lettuces, greens, peppers, squash, and much much more for Colorado families.

With all the warm weather, most things are ahead of schedule – FreshPack has local potatoes, lettuces, radishes and tomatoes this week; we also have organic green onions, parsley, radishes, rhubarb and spinach.

Next time, most unusual ways to put these colorful Colorado foods  to use.


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