ImageI remember the last two weeks of grade school swim lessons when, all of a sudden, the weather changed. Instead of baking in the sun, a cool cloudy day left us all shivering as we walked home.  We were mournful.  The onset of cooler days portended confinement, classrooms, organized play at recess, and an end to days with time in them.

In contrast to our mood, there was relief — both from the heat and from the prospect of a break in 24-hour parenting — for our parents. The season shifted away from root beer floats and popsicles toward pencil boxes, notepaper, Big Chiefs and mandatory pocket-packs of tissues. 

If you are wiped out from back-to-school shopping, there are a bunch of ways to put Colorado growers’ veggies and fruits to work.  We liked these shortcuts too, and this 10-minute tomato sauce and this salad (beautiful photo, by the way!)


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