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We are officially suffering from Spring fever.  Anyone who has spent two or more years in Colorado knows they’re going to have their hearts broken if they plant before Mother’s Day.  I believe that our collective resistence to planting too early has induced Mother Nature to extend the warmer-than-average streak. 

“Go ahead,” we say.  “Test us.”  And she does.

So I nearly caved on this bright, warm morning when I found an incredible issue of Country Living online. The ultimate kitchen garden design is feeding the fever.  It has a plan — put together out of ideas from chefs like Alice Waters, Peter Hoffman and Rick Bayless — and it has a list of specific varieties of edibles, seed resources, instructions for scaling it down to the size of your own garden plot, recipes, gardening advice — everything.

This is as local as you can get.  And we love local foods.

To put some “spring” in your step, try this bright, seasonal asparagus frittata with horseradish sour cream – seems like a perfect plan for an Easter weekend brunch.


The idea of fresh green almonds

Fresh “grassy” flavored green almonds are eaten as a snack, used in salads or made into a paste.

Some use the almonds shaved, sliced or whole in soups or salads.

A traditional snack in the Middle East, green almonds have recently caught on with adventurous chefs around the globe.

The fuzzy green almonds change markedly during the springtime harvest: In April, they’re tender enough to eat whole and have a herbaceous taste (like a raw pea pod, but slightly tart and bitter); brined or dipped in salt, they’re addictive. But within a few weeks, the hull and shell toughen, and the seed, which hardens from translucent jelly to a crunchy white nutlet, is the only part eaten.


Every Year Food and Wine picks out emerging chefs, all shiny and relatively new, to celebrate and honor.  This year, we have no objection to their nominating Colorado’s own Lon Symensma and Will Nolan — although we balked at being placed in “the southwest.”  Food and Wine invites you read more about them and to vote — it’s your civilized duty.


Lon Symensma


WHY HE’S AMAZING Because he combines his Michelin-starred experience and yen for Asian street food to make Vietnamese dishes that are tasty and beautiful.(Read a review

Will Nolan

RESTAURANT Eight K          LOCATION Snowmass Village, CO

WHY HE’S AMAZING Because he’s honoring his Louisiana heritage by creating refined Creole comfort food at a prestigious Aspen ski resort.(Read a review

 Come on — show your support for these AMAZING chefs —  VOTE HERE!

And the award goes to…

We’d like to thank the Academy for all our new followers. ~ Season’s Harvest

We aren’t the only ones who are gushing about Colorado’s own Fruition, Rioja, Restaurant Six89 and Frasca Food & Wine.  Take another look at the D Post story on the 2012 JBF Awards – winners to be announced May 7 – giving you plenty of time to get to Cannes for that annual film hoohaw.

 There are more reasons than ever to be excited about Denver Restaurant Week.  You still have a chance to make some eleventh-hour reservations – and since it starts this weekend, we DO mean last-minute.

 If you are “just visiting” or have been cooking at home a lot, you need to educate yourself and your palate by trying some of these wonderful places.  To guide you, let 5280 send you to the 25 Best, or consult Urban Spoon for helpful reviews, 10Best’s lists include great places to eat, and our city’s food critic helps us narrow it down to ten at The Denver Post.   Finally 5280 gives us the low down on the most recent Top Chef casting call.

 If the Oscars are your thing, you should visit’s 17 Best Picture Food Scenes (only one of which we agree is both about food and “best” – you guess which.)

 If you are watching at home with all your celebrity friends who were “on hiatus” in 2011 (weren’t we all?) go straight to’s Oscars Party Planner.

And one last award for best “fishie” information in Denver goes to Seattle Fish’s Market Report!

See you at the Vanity Fair party.



Wonderful Super Bowl snack idea from Marcus Samuelson:  buffalo chicken potstickers.  Go team!


Gabe Mulligan brought his copy of mediterranean: food of the sun  to work, and it’s become my favorite, too…straightforward recipe instructions (few with more than four steps) and just beautiful  photographs (inspiring, if you have fruits and vegetables to use up.)  Best of all, as the title implies, there is so much sun in those pages!

Plan to eat out during…

Denver Restaurant week.  See all the participants sorted by neighborhood

(thanks to The Denver Bucket List.)  Denver Restaurant week is February 25 to March 2 – but you have to get your reservations in now!