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We Love Local Foods!

 Whether you get your  news from  NBC  CNN  Twitter  YouTube  Huff Post or the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it would be hard not to know that it’s been a very dry year across the country.

Colorado struggles periodically with its high-desert heritage, but our local growers are innovative and smart. And because so many Colorado families are into healthy lifestyles and local fruits, vegetables and greens, they are flocking to the “local produce” section in greater numbers.

FreshPack has Olathe Sweet CornColorado peaches, melons and cantaloupesActually we have much more Colorado-grown goodies than ever before — both conventionally grown and certified organic.

FreshPack asked Chef Michael Long to help us figure a new thing to do with Colorado chiogga beets and, what d’ya know, he made the prettiest Bull’s Eye salad with a red cactus pear vinaigrette.

We are always trying to figure out new ways to put all of this locally grown abundence to work for your health and enjoyment. What are your ideas?

Call us at 303.412.6232 for more information on local green beans, cabbages, cilantro, greens, lettuces, onions, radishes, potatoes and tomatoes.  It’s like a garden around here!


Show Your Colors

Thanks to Fitbie.com, our favorite article today:   Add Color To Your Diet 

Pep in Your Step*

   We could not have said it better . . .

* Thanks toMaria Popova’s Brain Pickings  for the link to these great travel posters

Frozen or drowned

Every year we act surprised, but this is the time of year in the northernhemisphere when weather plays with our best-laid plans.  Strawberries freeze in Florida or drown in California.  A week of plans are lost.  And then before you know it, Spring has crept up the longitudinal ladder and fruit is plentiful, lasting and pretty again.